Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Two Dancers (wow, I abused the white paint)

This was a final for one of my painting classes... a few years ago. It was an interesting process as to how this 'magnum opus' came about. The teacher I had at the time, Mario Moreno, always had a theme for us, his students, to work from when composing our paintings. For the final's theme each of us had to pick an instrumental song, and making a representational painting of that composition.
For the next three weeks, all of us listened to our songs, over, and over, and over, and over... Some of the other student's swore that this assignment killed their love of their song of choice. I won't forget one of the old dogs borrowed his granddaughter's CD player, and without shame wore that pink and purple electric device.
At one point I found myself stumped with something. That male figure was so darn hard to figure out! I couldn't get anything right. So, biting my tongue, I hired a male model. First time I ever hired a live model to help me with my painting, and the first time I had a guy shirtless in my bedroom (don't freak out, ma!). He was promptly paid in In 'n Out food.
By and by, the song that I used was Philip Glass' and Ravi Shankar's haunting song, Offering. The whole album, Passages, is certainly a excellent source of inspiration to the muse.
But even to this day, I still have to skip Offering.


  1. He was a friend of a friend. I asked my then gym partner if he would model for me. He chickened out, but without setting me out with another friend of his.