Monday, October 10, 2011

At the Zoo...

I apologize, my two readers, for not uploading many pictures. I've been lazy busy with a couple of big projects. Here's another picture, though more recent, I've done. This was a final from a previous drawing class. Everyone had to draw two animals, with a heavy emphasis of texture and values. I got a big break with this picture, because I found a divine little device in the art building -a projector. Using projectors for 2D art isn't new, in fact the practice has been around for several hundred years. Famed illioustrater, Greg Manchess, said that projectors can be one of the best tools for learning shapes and poportions. When I crammed myself into that small, dark, horridly smelling room, and turned on the projector, I felt humbled to be in the same practice with the other lazy great masters.

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