Friday, December 27, 2013

Marriage of Genious

A personal favorite definition of art is combining something imaginary into sensuous forms.  GWF Hegel said it, I think...
The definition can be taken in two ways.  One way- all art comes from the maker's genius, even if the using an in-life subject to work with.  In the end of all the measuring, lighting, pencil sharpening, and laying out the geometry formulas onto the support, the mind of the artist has the final say if the marks (that makes the subject), good.  The other interpretation is described in simplistic wholesomeness from one of Proko's videos (go to the 11:26 mark).

Friday, December 13, 2013

From the sketchbook

I like my sketches, maybe even more so than my completed works.  I'm not running solo with this thought, plenty of artists like their sketches more so.  Some artists like sketches so much, their style looks as though they're from sketchbooks- freaking, cool, sketchbooks.  Sketches mimic Impressionism, the French style of loose strokes and liberated colors movements all over the support.  And like the the French painters of... no so yore... sketches can mimic the wild aesthetics of nature.  Nature is nostalgic, and viewers are drawn to whatever uncovers timeless, happy, memories.  But here's another idea: A sketch, being an incomplete image, provides the viewer just enough information to let their brains finish the subject themselves.  Enjoy some of my fave sketches from this year, and lets the brain chemicals flourish.