Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Ten Rules of Art

The moment I stepped through the old, grand, age-of-rites gates of adulthood, a revelation bloomed within my being:

Being a grown up is busy.

Twilight of summer is no exception, as I start a new job, in training for another potential job, and help four old farts move to a new home.  (One of those old farts is a cat with a psychological distrust for car rides.)
So for this post I'm gonna go cheap -a copy pasted homework assignment.  I present to you, readers, my ten rules of art.  Someday I'll expand more on them.  Maybe on lunch break.

My ten rules of good art-

1. Good art is made with intelligence

2. Good art is not at the mercy to politics or agendas, however the human spirit is at art's mercy to dictate our emotions and thoughts

3. Good art should reveal some hidden profoundness to the subject –give spirit to something that has no spirit in the realm of reality

4. Good art should not deceive the viewer, and confuse them what is real or what is fantasy

5. Good art should be able to stand on its own two feet; it should not rely on how it’s made or why it’s made.

6. Good art should encourage the viewer to feel or think something –inspired, confused, uncomfortable, etc.

7. Good art is universal and timeless

8. Good art is alive; even a cube or a line of text should breath and be dynamic

9. Good art should have some resemblance to nature or the human condition -the origins of art

10. Good art has a core of conviction; each art piece has some sort of integrity that should be respected

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