Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Master Copy: Self Image of Eugene Delacroix

Master Copies -the practice of a student copying an already accomplished artisan's work, as a means to study that said artisan's mind.  Why they use that technique, color, composition, materials, etc.

Ah, when did I do this painting?  Two, three years ago?  Ah well, this was another assignment back in ye school days.  The class: life painting (do your life drawings, kids); the assignment: a master copy of a portrait.
I chose a self portrait of French artist Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863).  Now I have to confess -and no one tell my teacher this- I only put 9 hours into this painting.  And this is 9 hours all in one bite.  I remembering starting 5pm, in the apartment living room (NEVER paint oil where food is commonplace), and "finishing" 2pm the following day.  I'm sure if I gave myself a few more hours, I'd be able to add the subtle charm the original has.

Self Portrait, 1837

  Along with the original, I recommend two other references at hand: a value (black and white) reference, and a grid reference.

Got a B grade on it.  Not bad for 9 hours.

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